Teengirl Fantasy II: 6%DOKIDOKI & The World of Popples

"My thesis here is simple. If you want to grasp the gaudy essence of postmodern design, don't look at architecture. That stuff is too expensive, too timeless, too colourless, too slow-to-build to reflect -- to the excessive degree required -- the fads, fashions and visual tropes of a particular year. Look instead at cheaper, more magpie-crazed, shape-shifting forms: product design, interior decoration, TV studio set designs, graphics, idents, logos. These things are easily changed, trendy, effervescent and evanescent. They reflect their particular year. They evoke best the strangeness of... well, say, 1984." [3]

"On February 12th, Parco Shibuya opened a new exhibition called “The World of Popples”. The exhibition features original artwork illustrations of the Popples dating back to the 1980s and vintage Popples paraphernalia (such as lunchboxes and toys), videos, and other classic Popples stuff. Besides the original Popples items, the show includes a crazy “Popples Room” filled with an insane collection of toys, clothing, knickknacks, random cute stuff, and even a fur-covered TV – all put together by 6%DOKIDOKI. The show also marks the launch of a 6%DOKIDOKI x Popples fashion collaboration – with several of the new 6%DOKIDOKI items available for purchase at the Parco Factory gift shop.

In case you don’t know The Popples, they are a group of super cute and colorful animal-like characters designed in the 1980s by some of the same people who brought Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears into the world. The gimmick behind these characters is that they have pouches on their backs into which they can climb, converting them from a cute character into a cute fuzzy ball. (You might think of them as the world’s cutest Transformers.) The Popples were never as popular as Care Bears, but they still have a loyal following many years later – and this Parco Factory show is hoping to introduce them to a whole new generation of kawaii-loving Japanese fans. The World of Popples is the first major exhibition for the Popples in Japan since the company MindWorks Entertainment licensed them and began releasing official Japanese Popples products last year." [1]

"Our favorite part of the Shibuya World of Popples exhibition was “The Popples Room”. As the name suggests, The Popples Room is a bedroom for the Popples that is as cute as they are, if not more so. The space was created in collaboration with the popular Japanese fashion brand 6%DOKIDOKI. If you know 6%DOKIDOKI, you know that they never do anything half-cute. They go all the way to 100% cute, and then multiply by ten – and that’s definitely true of this project. It’s hard to explain just how insanely cute the Popple’s Room really is, so we are very lucky that 6%DOKIDOKI and Mind Works Entertainment allowed us to take photographs of the room to share with you." [2]

"On Sunday, February 21st, 6%DOKIDOKI held a special event in The Popples Room. “6%DOKIDOKI Girls in The Popple’s Room” featured a live performance in which several girls from 6%DOKIDOKI literally lived in the Popple’s Room for several hours while fans looked on. 6%DOKIDOKI fashion is cute. 6%DOKIDOKI girls are cute. The Popples are cute. What happens when you mix all three? Check out the pictures and we think you’ll agree, life doesn’t get much cuter than this." [2]